Slav Couture is a new exclusive range of skin care cosmetics which was specially created for beauty centers, spa clubs and steam bath complexes.

The originality of Slavs beauty rituals and the wealth of midlatitudes nature from Southern and Eastern Europe to Russian Far East inspire the brand products development. Authentic treatments act as a starting point for creative ideas transformation and stylization. Couture principles allow experiments: traditional Slavs ingredients are blended with herbs and minerals collected all over the world as well as with latest technological cosmetic actives. The results of such transcultural and intertemporal search are embodied in exquisite skin care products.

Applying the most interesting recipes and leading cosmetological ideas Slavs Couture for the first time introduces professional beauty lines which are manufactured in Russia and fit the world’s highest quality standards.

Couture status not only grants creative freedom but also obliges to present the quality which surpasses even the highest expectations. Couture concept implies not only unique and exclusive products but also supreme performance level. That is the reason why all the professional cosmetic ideas by Slavs Couture creative lab, before being embodied into final products, are thoroughly tested by leading experts in the fields of spa, beauty and cosmetology.

When developing Slavs Couture treatments, dangerous ingredients (such as parabens, synthetic antioxidants, mineral oil, etc.) are completely excluded. From viola tricolor to meadowsweet, from bee wax to enriched clays, from seaweed extracts to milled cherry peels, from carrot essential oil to wheat germs oil, from clover complex to cranberries juice – these are just some gems from the brand’s precious ingredients collection. You can feel and enjoy the exquisite beauty products trying on treatments from the enchanting range of Slav Couture.